ASG started out manufacturing cable assemblies over 20 years ago. Our expertise is with multi-conductor control and power cables used in hazardous locations for military or turbine engine systems. We have built most configurations and when challenged by a new design we work with our customers to validate the application to insure it meets the life cycle and connectivity desired.

Our facility is setup with a potting room for sealing the connector ends to eliminate any spark-over between contacts. We can conduct cable assembly HIPOT testing up to 5,000 volts with up to 200 conductors.

All our cable and wire harness assembly technicians are trained and certified to IPC/WHMA-A-620, which has become the industry standard as a measure of quality. We have an IPC trainer on staff and recertification is required every two years. ASG is a value-add partner for Amphenol Pyle National cable assembles and utilize the commercial, aerospace and mil-specification product lines.

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