ASG has been building automation control assemblies for over 20 years. We are involved in the evolution of high technology products and systems which has now led to assemblies required for Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing applications. These customized systems require our engineers to be current with the latest products and electrical codes to assist customers with their designs to be efficient, cost effective, and meet the required functionality. 

We work with all the major industrial control platforms. Our Mod Center provides customized electrical enclosures; having this in-house expedites the build process and facilitates customer changes which do occur.

Examples of the product assemblies we have built:   

Data Concentrators with PLCs & HMIs, Balance of Plant Automation, Instrumentation Systems, Operator Control Cabinets, SCADA Cabinets, Gas Turbine Control Systems, Conveyor System Controls, Water Cooled VFD Systems, Pneumatic Assemblies, Cellular Manufacturing Control Systems, Large and Small RTU Systems, Network Communication Systems, and many more. 

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